Thursday, October 9, 2008

‘f‘ for ‘fun’

what is called ‘the last’ is not ‘the latest’. rite?
there will be anotha’ challenge for us to still awake.
you cannot choose to take a rest, but you can choose to make it fun.
i mean, the challenges are supposed to be fun, aren’t they?
it’s your decision. many people getting bored and distress at the end.
but i think, we can choose to make it fun from the beginning.
and we feel the same at the end (but, at least, i’ve got some fun!).
hahaha! agree? yes, you should!

f‘ for ‘fun’

‘fun’ isn’t mean that we get more lazy, is it?
more ‘fun’: more passion
more ‘passion’: make us better
all you have to do is just make your decision!
have fun, guys!

(i’m getting crazy maybe)
this head will almost explode!

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