Thursday, October 9, 2008

please, don't hide it

when you look around
people do what they do
they don’t know its meaning
run in the unstoppable wheels
’til they die

then you hear your heart’s beats
and you found that
something different in you
they need it, yes it will make
them alive

you don’t need to hide it
no, no need
just show it and don’t be hesitate

they need to find their destiny
they need to finish the race
don’t hide it
please, don’t hide it

you cannot live selfishly
you cannot pretend that
you don’t understand about it
please, don’t hide it

because the truth is not about what they see
it’s not about something fake
just stand up now, oh yes
you can be the witness of truth
so let it be
so please don’t hide it

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