Sunday, June 7, 2009

As A Man

you came like a water, changed my darkness
gave me the meaning of my life
you came to me, filled my emptiness
touched me baby so I can fly

you teach me, you break me, yes you can take me
destroy my ego so we can walk together
you love me, you treat me, yes you told me
bring the sunshine to my day

so come again
so come again

you are, you are
you are the world i live
you are, you are
you are all i want and need
you are the only girl
that can make me wholly
as a man

and tonight I can't sleep
imagine how sweet you are
my perfect dream you are

1 comment:

princess of art said...

g ga ngerti yg awalnya.
came like water trus ubah my darkness
ahahhah (emg g kurang puitis sptnya)akakakkaka