Friday, May 16, 2008

I Don't Know Why He Love Me

17 May 2008

I was just a face in the crowd.
I was a puzzle that's getting more complicated in every way.
Looked for all my pieces in no where.
Caught an empty box with an empty future.

I was a sinful walking guy in the morning.
Like a trash by the side of the road.
Every part was a mourn, filled by shames and flaws.
Never be thought about, never be cared by.

I was trying to be the best, but I already failed at the start.
I didn't know how to begin every scene.
All I have done is feel my life very messed up in the end.

Until one day, I saw Him came into my life.
Gave His life to mine, filled me with a new one.
Made me see and feel right.
Made me able to stand on my own feet.

I don't know why He love me, that's why I love Him.
He catch me when I fall.
Accept me unconditionally.
That's why I love Him.

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