Friday, May 16, 2008

I Start To Sing

17 May 2008

Life is a song
And you are the writer
At the verse you wrote all your background
From your kid's story to your teenage
You talked about first love that's selfishly
You talked about your pity puberty
You talked about hedonism that's wasted freely

You very liked it, you enjoyed it
As the slow music sounding
How fun and crazy is it

You feel like you are stranger at the bridge
Bridging the gap between your childish habits
And something grew up
The music sound like weird
And you thought and asked,
"Are you welcomed in this world?"
You search yourself in the wrong things sometimes
That's what we said a lil' bit pitch-y

Until your life went onto its peak
When first love become more serious
The puberty become maturity
And hedonism become destiny
And you arrived to write down the chorus
When everyone sing what you feel
Twice or even three times

Life is a song
And you are the musician
Music freak!!
That's because you sing it like you live it
Or you live it like you sing it
Of course you love it: it's your life.

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